Hasakah insecurity: SDF expels residents from their homes near ISIS prison

IKHRW registrates new expulsions in Hasakah Guiram neighbourhood.
As a result of the prison revolts and escapes that have occurred over the last months in the prisons that hold ISIS members, SDF forces people in the neighborhood out of their homes.
The riots and expulsions underscore the fragile security situation in North-East Syria, as the issue of what to do with Islamic State prisoners continues to be a nagging problem.
Locals stated that prison escapees infiltrated houses in the neighborhood, and were rearrested after extensive house searches. The SDF now feels obliged to empty the houses in the area, as new revolts and outbreaks loom.
The international community have proved unwilling to take back its ISIS prisoners and prosecute them in their country of nationality, leaving the already weakened Kurdish militia with a security gap and giving leverage to the US coalition to keep occupying the areas rich in oil of the country.

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