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IS Plans Terrorist Attacks from Camp Al-Hol in Syria: Kurdistan PM

ERBIL — The remnants of the Islamic State (IS) are planning terrorist attacks from Camp Al-Hol in Syria to target the Kurdistan Region and other areas in the neighborhood, said Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani in a statement made to Asharq Al Awsat. PM Barzani mentioned an IS cell recently captured in Erbil who […]

Syrian Kurds hand Baghdad 100 alleged IS fighters

BAGHDAD: A US-backed Kurdish force in northeast Syria handed over 100 alleged Islamic State group fighters to Baghdad this week, a senior Iraqi security source told AFP on Sunday. The Iraqi fighters were being interrogated before being transferred to the judiciary, the source said. But an official with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied the handover […]


Written by Hedwig Kuijpers exclusively for SouthFront Many questions remain unanswered about the al-Tanf United States base in the Syrian desert, that is called illegal by the Syrian government and Russia. Why is al-Tanf so important to the US? What are the US soldiers still doing there? Who else are hosted in the al-Tanf pocket? […]

Hasakah insecurity: SDF expels residents from their homes near ISIS prison

IKHRW registrates new expulsions in Hasakah Guiram neighbourhood. As a result of the prison revolts and escapes that have occurred over the last months in the prisons that hold ISIS members, SDF forces people in the neighborhood out of their homes. The riots and expulsions underscore the fragile security situation in North-East Syria, as the […]

Assassinations of ex-SDF members continue

Another ex-SDF member has been assassinated in eastern Deir ez-Zor. Unknown masked gunmen opened fire on an ex-fighter of Syria Democratic Forces and another civilian escorting him, in Hawayij village in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor this morning. The ex-fighter died instantly, while the civilian sustained injuries. It is unclear who the ex-fighter was […]

Multiple ISIS attacks on SDF checkpoints

On Sunday, a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighter lost his life after being shot in al- Hawayij town in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor in a series of shoot attacks on SDF points believed to have been carried out by Islamic State (ISIS) cells. On Sunday afternoon, a landmine exploded near a military vehicle […]

Seven ISIS members escape from al-Hol on the day SDF announces prison amnesty

The SDF still experience problems with the security of their prisons. Seven members of the Islamic State (ISIS) group escaped from a small prison in North-East Syria today, with four recaptured and a search continuing for the remaining three, said Syrian state media and an official with the main Kurdish-led US-backed force in the region. […]

Damascus is repaving the ground for its return to North-East Syria

Damascus has never let the people of North-East Syria down. Even though its territory has been under ISIS and SDF rule for years, it has always provided its doctors, nurses, teachers and other officials with their monthly wages. Neither has it cut off telephone and internet connections. It has even provided the area with vaccination […]

German court tries ISIS member on Yazidi genocide

An Iraqi man believed to have belonged to the Islamic State group went on trial in Germany on Friday accused of genocide and murdering a child belonging to the Yazidi minority who he held as a slave. Taha al-Jumailly, 27, also stands accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes and human trafficking in the case […]

Second ISIS wife on trial in Germany

Court proceedings have begun in Germany against a woman who stands accused of crimes against humanity, membership of a terrorist organization, and the enslavement of a 13-year-old Yezidi girl. The case against Omaima Abdi, a German-Tunisian, came to court after she was tracked down by a Lebanese journalist, Jenan Moussa. Abdi is the wife of […]
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