Damascus is repaving the ground for its return to North-East Syria

Damascus has never let the people of North-East Syria down. Even though its territory has been under ISIS and SDF rule for years, it has always provided its doctors, nurses, teachers and other officials with their monthly wages. Neither has it cut off telephone and internet connections. It has even provided the area with vaccination programs for years to protect the children.
This week, Damascus has shipped in 846 tonnes of humanitarian food supplies from Russia. Even though government officials cannot visit specific areas in North-East Syria themselves, they have sent Russian military forces that are deployed to the region to guarantee the people’s safety from the Turkish invasion to distribute these supplies.
As you can see on the photo, there is a form spread to measure Damascus’ popularity amongst the local population. Thousands of forms with signatures are already collected and sent back to Damascus.
The form is written in Arabic and is titled ” Special form for handing a region over back to the legitimate government of Syria”.
” We pledge allegiance to our homeland and our leader Bashar al-Asad”, reads the statement thousands of civilians have signed.

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