Humanitarian initiative of a Kurdish sportsman to support children

Quoting the social media, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports that Ali Gheybi, a Kurdish sportsman from Ilam province, and a member of the national running team ran, as a humanitarian action, to raise money and draw the attention of the people for 9 hours on Friday and this for helping the deprived children in border areas.

This symbolic and valuable action was carried out with the support of the National Association for the Supporting the Working Children in around Chitgar Lake in Tehran. The received money will be used to help injured children in Iran’s border areas. The IKHRW sincerely thanks Mr. Gheibi for this action, as well as the cooperation of the Association for the Protection of the Working Children, and hopes that more human rights organizations and institutions will pay attention to the main issues and roots of children’s problems in border areas.

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