KRG MP: PKK is the enemy of the Kurds

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Parliament says, “The PKK is executing the plans of the enemies of the Kurdish people, and that is why it does not leave the border areas. From the day the Kurdistan Parliament and the KRG were established, the PKK has been against us and has been opening the way for Turkish attacks. So far, about 1,000 villages have been displaced due to the presence of the PKK. They have become uninhabited and ruined. This shows that the PKK has carried out the plans of the enemies of the Kurdish people.”

The MP further added: “PKK has no legitimacy and has no right to remain in the Kurdistan Region. It is openly here for other purposes. The PKK has been hostile to the Kurdistan Region from the very beginning and this continues. It occupies large parts of the KRG’s territory and is openly hostile to the Kurdistan Region.”

This representative of the Kurdistan Region asked the PKK to stop the proxy war and not to allow its war and violence to enter the Kurdistan Region and not to become a danger to people’s lives anymore.

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