KRG MP: PKK is the enemy of the Kurds

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Parliament says, “The PKK is executing the plans of the enemies of the Kurdish people, and that is why it does not leave the border areas. From the day the Kurdistan Parliament and the KRG were established, the PKK has been against us and has been opening […]

Trump-PKK Cooperation on the villages of Syrian Kurdistan

Prior to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) cooperation with the United States in Syria, which led to its armed branch, the YPG, practically turn into US infantry, there was no serious threat to the Kurdish people in Syria. But with the beginning of this cooperation and the idea of ​​the PKK supposing that the United […]

Fire in refugee camp kills 4 children

A horrific fire that occurred in a tent in Newroz refugee camp, in the countryside of Derik, North-East Syria, has killed four children, one adult, and injured 11 others severely, all from one family. A source inside the camp stated that during the preparation of food, an electric pressure cooker exploded, which was followed by […]