Trump-PKK Cooperation on the villages of Syrian Kurdistan

Prior to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) cooperation with the United States in Syria, which led to its armed branch, the YPG, practically turn into US infantry, there was no serious threat to the Kurdish people in Syria. But with the beginning of this cooperation and the idea of ​​the PKK supposing that the United States will always be its ally has led Turkey to pursue a plan to invade, occupy and change the demography of the region. It started with Afrin. Turkey attacked, the United States and Russia watched and let it continue.

In the next stages, Sarkaniyeh, Girespi and many other towns and villages were targeted by Turkey. Turkey began and continued to systematically evacuate the region from the Kurds and settle Arabs from other parts of Syria or the family of Caucasian terrorists or Central Asia in the area.

The result of this cooperation is Trump’s giving the green light to Turkey:

In 320 villages of Afrin and Sarkaniyeh, not a single Kurd is left, and in all of them, Turkish-backed armed terrorists are settled.

For example, in the village of Tal Arbid, which had a population of one hundred people, only one old man lives now!

There are 1770 villages in the Jazireh province, of which 90 villages have been completely evacuated and 45% of the villagers have been displaced.

More than 50,000 Kurdish young people were be killed, and more than 200,000 injured just for American interests. The PKK imposed this tragedy on the Syrian Kurds and it still insists on continuing its presence in this region!

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