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Promoting murder and terror by the PKK/PJAK news agency

The media organ of the armed and militant group PKK/PJAK (Firat) is known as a notorious media arm in Kurdish communities that is responsible for propaganda against the opponents of PKK’s armed and ineffective approach. In fact, from the point of view of this pseudo-media, anyone and any group who is against the PKK and […]

Friend or Foe? Group on terror list details US military meeting

Matthew Petti and Hadeel Oueiss Cemil Bayik has a $4 million U.S. counterterrorism bounty on his head. But the Kurdish guerrilla leader says his forces have been meeting with U.S. troops — and he’s ready to make amends. Bayik is a founding member and half of the two-person committee leading the Kurdistan Workers Party, usually […]

US and SDF join forces to steal Syria’s oil

By Jeremy Salt There’s hardly anything new in history about the powerful exploiting the weak, so all that sticks out about the theft of Syria’s oil as orchestrated by the US government is its brazen nature. “We’re keeping the oil,” Donald Trump said in 2019. “I’ve always said that. We want to keep the oil. […]

Biden’s presidency won’t go smoothly on Turkey, say experts

Experts said that bilateral relations could even get worse and much more vulnerable, given the two nations’ divergent priorities ANKARA: Joe Biden’s presidency is likely to lead to new developments in US relations with Turkey as his approach differs from that of his predecessor, who was providing shelter to Turkey’s assertiveness in the region. Experts […]

Kurdish advocacy group lobbies Biden for reboot with Syrian Kurds

A pro-Kurdish advocacy group has hired its first lobbying firm to urge the Biden administration and the new Congress to keep the Kurds a priority when dealing with Middle East policy, lobbying news website Foreign Lobby Report said this week. New York-based   nonprofit   Justice   for   Kurds   hired   law   firm   Covington & Burlington “advocate for policies […]

US-backed Syrian Kurdish unity talks to resume amid mounting distrust

Although talks are set to resume this week, the prospects of a Syrian Kurdish unity deal seem more elusive than ever, with plenty of sticking points threatening to sink the effort. Rival Syrian Kurdish parties are expected to resume US-backed “unity talks” this week, but prospects of a deal seem more elusive than ever despite […]

Understanding Iran; an Impenetrable Bulwark Strategically Located between West and East

Iran as a Mountain Bulwark To properly understand Iran’s position in the Middle East, one must not only look at its religion, internal affairs or its complex foreign politics, but simply its topography and history. One look at the map shows you several important facts about the country. Iran is a vast country, it measures […]

What Biden can and cannot do for the Kurds

Yerevan Saeed Biden may have sympathies for the Kurdish cause, but as US president, he will not always act in the Kurdish interest. Many Kurds across the Middle East welcomed Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the recent elections in the United States. The former vice president is known to be sympathetic to the […]

Tensions high, Iraqi Kurds want US troops on their border

According to Kurdish officials in Northern Iraq, US patrols on the Iraqi-Syrian border will control several actions, including the independent approval of border smuggling operations, which are valuable to the Kurdish Region and its main ally, Turkey. At the same time, the presence of observers will prevent PKK members from transferring troops and equipment from […]

Trump-PKK Cooperation on the villages of Syrian Kurdistan

Prior to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) cooperation with the United States in Syria, which led to its armed branch, the YPG, practically turn into US infantry, there was no serious threat to the Kurdish people in Syria. But with the beginning of this cooperation and the idea of ​​the PKK supposing that the United […]
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