Adham Barzani about Turkey inside KRI: It’s time to ring the alarm

Member of the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Adham Osman Sheikh Ahmed Al Barzani, addressed a letter to the Four Presidencies of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and all political parties and parties: the Kurdistan region and Iraq, the United Nations and its representative in Iraq, the United Nations Security Council, members of […]

In Iraqi Kurdistan, civilians count the cost of Turkey’s fight against the PKK

For two weeks, Shahin hasn’t said a word. The six-year-old boy avoids all eye contact, his mouth agape in shock. “Since our village was bombed, he has been traumatised,” explains his father, Xalla Min. “It was terrible. The warplanes struck four times: first three missiles, then two, then two more, and one missile at the […]

Trump-PKK Cooperation on the villages of Syrian Kurdistan

Prior to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) cooperation with the United States in Syria, which led to its armed branch, the YPG, practically turn into US infantry, there was no serious threat to the Kurdish people in Syria. But with the beginning of this cooperation and the idea of ​​the PKK supposing that the United […]

Asad Abdurahman: PKK destroyed our village four times

As a result of PKK conflicts nnd the Turkish army in the border areas of the Kurdistan Region with Turkey, the border villages of Zakho have suffered heavy losses. In the last 3 months and 20 days, 5 villages in Batifa district have been completely evacuated and 20 villages have been completely occupied following the […]