Adham Barzani about Turkey inside KRI: It’s time to ring the alarm

Member of the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Adham Osman Sheikh Ahmed Al Barzani, addressed a letter to the Four Presidencies of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and all political parties and parties: the Kurdistan region and Iraq, the United Nations and its representative in Iraq, the United Nations Security Council, members of the European Union, members of the League of Arab States, international organizations and civil society in Kurdistan, Iraq and the world, and environmental protection organizations in Kurdistan, Iraq and the world), warned about the attacks by the Turkish occupation army on the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The text of the letter reads:

“In very complex circumstances and an unclear future for our country, and at a time when the Treaty of Lausanne is nearing completion in 2023,

Kurdistan was tricked in the midst of a new round of military occupation and environmental annihilation.

As everyone knows, the geography of the Kurdistan region in general and the beloved Bahdinan region in particular, in a more complex manner, has been subjected to an intense campaign of control in the recent period, as the Turkish Occupation Army has advanced to a depth of some 40 kilometers and the Kurdish land has been subjected to difficult and illegal conditions of military occupation, resulting not only to the evacuation of mountains, and geostrategic areas, forcing the residents in the areas to flee and leaving the lands of the ancestors.

The environmental situation, under the pretext of self-protection, military and war measures, destroys the Turkish army and burns down the beautiful green forests of Kurdistan, which are considered to be the wealth of a Kurdish national and a common global human heritage at great distances, organized and planned, and illegally loot them.

It is in this spirit that, in accordance with an ethical perspective on the future of the country, and as an interested citizen, I call on the authorities and on all parties to make all their efforts, whether through dialogue and bilateral negotiations, or through the Iraqi State, the United Nations and all States and world Powers that respect peace and human rights and can press to put an end to the breach of borders and occupation.

According to the past experience of the Turkish State, if it occupies any geography or region militarily, it will never withdraw from it, as has been done on the Cypriot Peninsula and İskenderun, which are irrefutable evidence and historic examples of this equation, as well as the occupation of the Heights. (Shekio) Near the Iranian border in the Bradost region, the highlands of the Barzan region, Amadiyah, Bamarni and most of the Heights of Bahdinan up to the areas close to the eastern borders, the Nineveh Plain, and the entire border between us.

It is time to ring the alarm bells for us all together and without hesitation to ring them, to be serious and resort to taking all international measures and coordinate our positions, yes we coordinate our positions. And the request to the Turkish State, based on neighborliness, common religion, and historical and geographical coexistence, for a peaceful life between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples and all peoples in this region, regional stability and security, and the Middle East, to respect the sovereignty of the land, the environment, the will of the legal and constitutional self-administration in Kurdistan and the recognition of the humanitarian, political and administrative principles of the region. And solving problems within the framework of the Turkish society and the Kurdistan North, which is a center for launching those problems that need understanding between the Kurdish and Turkish nations.

Long live peace and human coexistence.

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