Qasim Shasho: 900 PKK members defect to Peshmerga

The PKK’s armed forces continue to defect and enter the Peshmerga ranks from Sinjar, with PKK militants contacting the Peshmerga daily, reaching more than 900 today.

Qasim Shasho, commander of the Sinjar Peshmerga forces (affiliated to KDP), told our reporter that the arrival of PKK militants in the Peshmerga ranks is continuing, and so far more than 900 gunmen have defected to enter Sinjar Peshmerga forces, and come to contact them daily.

“We welcome all Yazidi fighters defecting PKK-related groups, and it is decided that they will be taken to Peshmerga if they wish so.”

“They will work and fight in the ranks of the Peshmerga, because they are in a continuous state of disarray, and know that they have no future with the PKK in Sinjar,” he said.

As he revealed, the PKK knows that their people all come to contact the Peshmerga, so they are afraid and are now preventing them from defecting. So far they have arrested six Yazidi’s that wanted to leave the PKK-affiliated militia they belong to in Sinjar, but the PKK cannot prevent them from defecting whilst they are deployed in their home towns in Sinjar.”

“It is worth mentioning that in Sinjar, where the PKK was waiting to win Iraq’s parliamentary election, it gained almost no votes, and was defeated widely by the KDP. The people of Sinjar have found out that the PKK in Sinjar is a foreign force, and only the Peshmerga can protect their lives and livelihoods.”

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