A Kurdish Yazidi mother shouting loudly: PKK kidnapped my 15-year-old son

In an iterview, a Kurdish Yazidi mother in Sinjar/Shangal said, “The PKK kidnapped and took my son. My son is only 15 years old and should not be armed with a gun. My son did not go at will, but the PKK forced him. I have not heard from my son for six months.”

The Kurdish mother added, “Here the PKK members kidnap boys and girls, arm and send them to Turkey to fight, soing so, the PKK let them be killed. I call on all those who listen to me to put pressure on the PKK to return our children. My son son’s name is Faris Osman Omar Khedr. My son was called to be taken away, but he refused to go and hid himself. But suddenly they came and took him away by force.”

This Kurdish mother says the PKK threatnes me not to take part in the protests. She added, “The PKK deceived the Yazidis. It did not come to the region to save us but for its own interests. It came to abduct our children. The PKK does not even have mercy on our property and farms. Now it does not even allow us to raise animals in the farms. It should go out. I call on all Yazidis to put pressure on governments to put pressure on this group. They took my son and I am afraid they will take my daughter as well.”

Link to the remarks of Faris mother Osman Khedr:

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