Rachel Ehrenfeld: There is a direct relation between drug trade and international terrorism

“The drug trade is not limited to specific regions and it is a very large global trade. The source of terrorism funding in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Chechnya, Colombia, groups like al-Qaeda, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the PKK.” said Dr. Arnfeld, a senior counter-terrorism official on the relationship between the drug trade and international terrorism.

“This is the easiest way for terrorist groups to make big money, so they focus on it. These groups make trillions of dollars by smuggling and selling drugs. Unfortunately, not enough efforts are being made to tackle this huge problem,” she said.

“Unfortunately, most European and even American banking systems are practically not working to combat drug money transfers while the capacity of the Western judiciary to deal with the problem is not appropriate. That money is transferred in cash, so there are a lot of unanswered questions in this regard, it seems that their rules and regulations are more on paper” said the author of Funding Evil.

She added “the result can be seen very easily, it means we are witnessing an increasing processof terrorism, which means money is very easily transferred. It shows that there is no will to control this issue.”

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