Brother of Ali Norouzi: Who is responsible for our family’s grief?

Iran Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has continued its ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes with another victim.

This conversation is the story of an elite student who, after an emotional defeat, diverted his life to the mountains and ruined his future and that of his family.

One of the constant approaches of militant groups such as PKK / PJAK is that after one or several years after the children are killed, they inform the families that their children have been killed and in most cases do not even inform their burial place.

According to most families, PJAK has often pressured them NOT to talk to the media about their children, so that they can continue to “violate the rights of Kurdish citizens” in the shadow of media silence.

Another point to consider is that the approach of militant groups such as PJAK in the use of children in war is contrary to their commitment under the Geneva Convention not to use children under the age of 18.

Perhaps the deception and abduction of Kurdish teenagers, youth and, of course, children, and then arming and using them for the purposes and interests of the leaders of militant groups such as PJAK and the PKK, is the only achievement and gift of those claiming to defend the rights of the Kurdish people. In fact, this is a human rights violation that these groups are constantly insisting on.

The full text of the conversation is as follows:

My brother had fallen in love with his cousin, but when he received a negative answer, he gave up his whole life and ruined it.

Ali, who was an elite student, unfortunately left his family and bright future with his disappearance.

I still do not know how he got acquainted with that group (PJAK), because I had never heard him talk about any party or express interest. I think he wanted to make some kind of radical statement to the girl he loved, it is something that you hear about sometimes.

The only joy and talk of Ali was studying and the university, but that failed love completely changed the course of his life.

We looked for him on earth and in the sky, but we did not find any news about him. We did not think that he was a member of PJAK, so we didn’t look for him there.

For this reason, we had been waiting for my brother for almost two years, when Ali suddenly managed to escape and return home, but unfortunately, PJAK elements came to our village and took away our hope yet again.

It was not long after he returned that Ali disappeared again, but this time we knew where to look for him, so my parents went to Iraq, to see Ali and try to bring him home.

When they got there, PJAK elements had rudely and mockingly told my parents that yes, “it was us who took Ali with us again” and did not allow them to meet their son. They were told to get over their son, that he belonged somewhere else now.

We have been waiting for Ali for several years now, and in the midst of all this waiting, our mother suffered a stroke and died from the grief of her child.

Who has the power to deal with these parasites?

Who is responsible for this family’s grief?

Our mother, who was the sunshine in our family, and our brother, who was the hope of the family, were both destroyed.


** The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch continues to pursue the fates of these individuals until a clear conclusion is reached about Kurdish citizens trapped in militant groups. **

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