Eskandar Doosti: ”PJAK continues to extort us”

The issue of having the Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents killed by the Turkish army, as well as the PKK/PJAK itself, has doubled the concerns of the victims’ families. Many families who do not know the fate of their children are just waiting for their death to be announced through the social media.

Danial Doosti with the code name “Rojyar Aram” was one of the teenagers from Mariwan city, Iran, whose family heard his death news through the social media after years of knowledge about his fate.

To clarify the truth of the story and the sad fate of another Iranian teenager, you may read the following interview with Danial Doosti’s father:

  1. Mr. Doosti, could you introduce yourself?

I am Eskandar Doosti, Danial’s father, from Kal village of Mariwan. I have three children, of whom Danial was the eldest. I have a bad economic situation and at the moment I am forced to make a living through agriculture.

  1. What was Danial’s education level, and when did he join the PJAK?

My son did not finish high school and if I had a good financial situation I would not allow him to leave at all. He was only a teenager, he was not yet 16 years old when PJAK abducted him to the mountains. From 2015, when PJAK kidnapped my son from us, we had no news on him until we learned about his death through the social media.

  1. How was he recruited by the group? Were you yourself familiar with the group?

One of our main problems in the region is that their forces move freely to the village. They discuss with many families. No one dares to speak in front of them. They force the villagers to provide all their needs. We all have to obey. We have repeatedly informed the security centers that the group is coming freely to the village and harassing us, but so far we have not received any results and no one has responded to us.

It was during this group tour that my son got acquainted with them. At the age of 16, he is still a teenager. He was deceived by nationalist and patriotic nonsense slogans. We still do not know for sure whether he left on the last day or was taken away soon.

  1. Did you meet him after joining the group? What did you do to return him?

Never. I went to Kurdistan Region and Qandil mountains several times. I went to the Turkish border. I went to Syria. For a year, they denied that my son had joined the group, but finally confessed under pressure and insistence, but I was never able to meet him. I insisted a lot. I even told him to show me once, but they did not accept.

I also told the security officials of Iran, but they could not help us either.

  1. Didn’t you follow up through his friends or those who managed so as he could escape?

Of course, yes. I did this many times. I also heard credible news. Danial had escaped three times. But he did not succeed. Once he was imprisoned in a cave inside the group for several months, once when he escaped with a friend, he was beaten and tortured.

All we are worried about now is that Danial was killed while fleeing. They do not give us the body and they do not allow us to go to Qandil.

  1. Do you know where he was killed?

He was said to have been killed in a clash with the IRGC in the Oshnaviye area. I doubt. I am sure they will not take the body. That is, they do not have the opportunity. I also referred to the IRGC. They had no news. If he was killed inside Iran, at least our security forces would have been informed. I even told the IRGC forces to just say, “Did you see the body or not?” There is no body. It is not clear what happened to my son. I think he was killed while fleeing the group. They themselves kill and then announce as ‘’martyred’’.

  1. If time goes back, what do you do to prevent your son from being recruited by the group? Do you feel guilty?

I do not blame myself. I mean, I never wanted my son to take up arms and kill others? The truth is that we did not do anything. Everything we faced is due to unemployment and poor economic conditions. If Danial had a job, it would have been impossible for him to join the group. PJAK is also looking for recruiting our unemployed youth. Because it easily deceives them. It is the government that should pay attention to us. I also ask the officials to think about the employment of the youth of this region. The problem of unemployment is serious. There is no infrastructure for the development of Kurdistan. No one is satisfied to go to be a Kolbar/Porter.

I am still worried about my other two children. I advise them day and night. All my life I have been scared. I am afraid that these two children will be abducted as well. Is it fair to raise a child with lots of problems and let PJAK abduct him! Not at all.

  1. Do you think anyone is willing to invest despite insecurity in the region? What is the role of the group in worsening the living conditions of Kurdistan?

I agree that because of the insecurity PJAK has created in the region, some investors have escaped. They have invaded people’s gardens many times, extorted money, set fire to workshops, I have seen all this firsthand. They even extort money from Kolbars. They are extort as what they call ‘’taxe’’.

But why are our security forces not doing anything? I expect them to encounter the group. A group whose nature is clear. Their cruelty is also well-known.

Why don’t they do anything to destroy this group? If their own children were sacrificed, would they be so careless?!

  1. What do you think PJAK, which claims to defend the rights of the Kurds, is looking for? What has it achieved for the Kurds so far?

Our citizens are abducted and their bodies abandoned in the mountains. Some are killed in front of their families. Workshops and poultry farms are attacked and people are extorted.

A few hours ago, I went to the sand factory, they complained saying as the PJAK members did not have mercy on them either. It is not once or twice, they come repeatedly. Nobody is happy with them? They extort money and send it to those who are living in Europe for luxury.

To summarize this; the group is a big problem for the Kurds.

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