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Eskandar Doosti: ”PJAK continues to extort us”

The issue of having the Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents killed by the Turkish army, as well as the PKK/PJAK itself, has doubled the concerns of the victims’ families. Many families who do not know the fate of their children are just waiting for their death to be announced through the social media. Danial Doosti […]

Bahar Kochak: PKK kidnapped my son and did not even let me talk to him

In an interview, Mrs. Bahar Kochak, the mother of a Yazidi child soldier, said that the PKK kidnaps Yazidi children and takes them to Qandil to recruit as fighters, and then sends them to war zones in Turkey and Syria. “Not only am I not allowed to see my son, they do not even allowed […]

Mahin Paravi should not have been killed

Mahin Paravi was the daughter of Omar and Tabasi from a village in Urmia, Iran. This Kurdish teenage girl, like dozens of other Kurdish children and teenagers, is the prey of the PKK branch in the Kurdish regions of Iran namely PJAK. This anti-Kurdish group, which has committed all kinds of crimes against the Kurds […]