Mahin Paravi should not have been killed

Mahin Paravi was the daughter of Omar and Tabasi from a village in Urmia, Iran. This Kurdish teenage girl, like dozens of other Kurdish children and teenagers, is the prey of the PKK branch in the Kurdish regions of Iran namely PJAK. This anti-Kurdish group, which has committed all kinds of crimes against the Kurds in its record, focuses more on young girls for membership because it knows that it is more difficult for these girls to escape, especially in the mountains of Kurdistan Region, Turkey or Syria.

In a sectarian act aimed at brainwashing, PJAK codenamed Mahin as Evindar Hevi, and after holding courses on Abdullah Ocalan’s poisonous ideology, started a war that has no return for any child soldier. Finally, this Kurdish girl, shortly after joining, was killed in 2012 during the conflict between the Turkish army and the PKK. PJAK did not even inform her family about the death, and her parents do not know where she was buried.

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