YPG /PKK spokesman calls all people in Idlib terrorists

Translated from German by IKHRW

Some 2 million people in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib are “terrorists” and should be killed, according to a so-called press officer of the YPG/PKK terrorist group, named Ibrahim Ibrahim, a kurd originally from Afrin. .
The World Health Organization providing the people of Idlib with medical aid to fight the coronavirus pandemic amounts to support for terrorists, the terror group’s spokesman Ibrahim Ibrahim claimed on opposition Syria TV late Tuesday.
He asserted that most of the people living in Idlib are terrorists and at least 2 million people living there should be killed. When pressed by the TV presenter over these sweeping claims, he said: “Yes, there are 4 million terrorists. If not 4 million, at least 75% or 50% are terrorists. Others are oppressed people.”
When asked by the presenter, “Do they have to be killed?” he insisted, saying: “Yes, they have to be killed. If there are 4 million people there, 2 million of them are terrorists. I stand behind what I say.”
Videos of the Interview led to great outrage on social media, leaving PYD/PKK forced to sack its spokesman.
The SDC, which is the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in an official statement said that the presenter provoked Ibrahim by making several accusations in a provocative matter. “(This) drove the speech of the colleague Ibrahim Ibrahim from its proper course and removed it from the reality of the position of the Syrian Democratic Council, which completely rejects any inflammatory speech against Syrian civilians.”
During the heated exchange, Ibrahim described two out of four million of residents in Idlib as “terrorists” that deserved to die. Which is, considering the IEDs, carbombings and assassinations the YPG had performed in the Idlib region, the true colour of PYD/PKK.

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