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Fear of civilians casualties arises as Turkey begins new operation in Iraq and Syria

Turkey carried out air strikes Tuesday in northern Iraq against rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positions, causing casualties, authorities in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region said. “Turkish warplanes targeted several positions of Kurdistan Workers’ Party fighters,” particularly in the Makhmur and Sinjar regions, Kurdish counter-terrorism services said in a statement. “Turkish military aircraft bombed six PKK […]

PKK’s Syrian wing YPG also deceives, forcefully holds, and indoctrinates children

Not unlike Iranian wing PJAK, PKK's Syrian wing YPG continues to kidnap minors to use them as child soldiers. Muhammad Azad Hasan (15) is the latest victim.

Father of Shirwan Seyedipour: “My son is in Syria, he wants to come home!”

Shirwan Seyedipour left home due to debts. After 2 years, he phoned home. He was injured, in Syria and wanted to return. His parents wait for him still.

Family of teenager recruited by PJAK: My brother’s body is buried somewhere in Syria

Amin Randigonbodi was a teenager when recruited by PJAK, some time before his obituary announcement was published from far away, from Syria. Amin is the son of Abdul Rahman Randigonbodi, from Urmia. His brother emphasized in an interview with IKHRW’s reporter that Amin was not a militant, had no particular political beliefs, and had no […]

How Viable Is The Kurds’ Autonomous Territory In Northeast Syria?

By David Romano, eurasia review. Ilham Ahmed, head of the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has been lobbying Moscow and Washington to support Kurdish representation in the long-stalled, UN-backed Syrian peace process. Ahmed, who has visited both capitals in recent weeks, also wants the country’s Kurdish-run region to be exempted from sanctions […]

Stockholm’s failure to recognize SDF links to YPG, PKK

BY KLAUS JURGENS What makes highly experienced politicians who travel and know the world think terrorists are freedom fighters? How come after decades in the business of politics members of banned terrorist gangs and their offshoots continuously manage to fool them? What happened to political due diligence? Or could it be that certain holders of public […]

Ocalan had a phone call with his brother

Abdullah Ocalan, jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has spoken on the phone with his brother for a “short” time after nearly a year of no contact, according to a statement from his lawyers. The news follows recent rumours that Ocalan had died in jail. Without naming his brother, Asrin Law Office, which […]

US-backed Syrian Kurdish unity talks to resume amid mounting distrust

Although talks are set to resume this week, the prospects of a Syrian Kurdish unity deal seem more elusive than ever, with plenty of sticking points threatening to sink the effort. Rival Syrian Kurdish parties are expected to resume US-backed “unity talks” this week, but prospects of a deal seem more elusive than ever despite […]

US justice department marks YPG as a sub-affiliate of the PKK

“YPG is a sub-affiliate of the Kurdistan’s Working Party (PKK), which is designated by the United States government as a Foreign Terrorist Organization”, was stated in a report released by the US department of Justice on the arrest of a Tallahassee American national. Federal law enforcement agents arrested Daniel Baker of Tallahassee for transmission, in […]

Iraqi Kurds want American troops at their border because of escalating intra-Kurdish tensions

Iraqi-Kurdish president Masrour Barzani asked Washington on Tuesday afternoon to station their troops on the border with Syria after yet another escalation between the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the KDP (Kurdish Democratic Party), as reported by al-Monitor. According to the KDP, the Syrian-Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) tried to infiltrate their territory. This resulted […]
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