Zini Werta: PUK deescalates the situation

After a military stand-off between KDP, PUK and PKK in the Zini Werta area, PUK has decided to deescalate the situation. Even though KDP invaded PUK territory here, setting up a KDP checkpoint only meters from a PKK camp and gave coordinates to Turkey which led to airstrikes, PUK decided not to be lured into war.
PUK issued a statement after the conclusion of the Politburo meeting earlier today. In this statement PUK states that despite the efforts to escalate the situation on Zini Warte while the whole world is fighting the COVID19 pandemic, PUK has decided to take steps to de-escalate the situation by:

۱- Withdrawing all Peshmerga forces and handing over security to local authority in the area.

۲- Ask the KRG PM to defuse the tension by withdrawing the additional forces brought into the area and handing over security to Asayish and security of the area

۳- Ask PKK to withdraw its forces from the area for the sake of the villagers and locals and in order to not give pretext to any party to meddle.

PUK states clearly that its leadership is against any further escalation of the tension between parties, and priority should be for the welfare and health of the people of Kurdistan Region. PUK wants to be part of the solution and not the problem.
PUK also asks the commandership of the Iraqi Military Forces to evaluate the security situation and act to forge cooperation between Iraqi military and Peshmerga forces to form a solid front to confront the increasing threat from ISIS.

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