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KRG officials express concern for Palestine, continue to deal with Israel

Statements expressing “Concern for Palestine” Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani made a statement about the recent violence between Israel and Palestine. Speaking on his social media account, Nechirvan Barzani said, “We are very concerned about the violence between Israelis and Palestinians that cost the lives of civilians, including children, and targets holy places.” Nechirvan Barzani […]

The Kurds’ Choices: “No friends but the mountains…and certainly not Israel.”

First published on 19/02/2021 by Elijah J Magnier Republished with approval of the author Many states have used the Kurds (who maintain the same language and cross-border relationships with other Kurdish tribes in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey) throughout modern history –– as a weapon against various Middle Eastern countries. This continues to be the case, especially […]

Why Masrour Barzani Should Resign From Leading Iraqi Kurdistan

The region cannot survive incompetent governance. by Michael Rubin Kurds once billed themselves “The Other Iraq,” a region where democracy and security thrived, but today Iraqi Kurdistan is on fire. Security forces gun down protestors, Kurdish civilians return the favor, and protestors burn political party flags and even photos of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) founder […]

Kawa Azizi: “PKK has been recruiting children since its foundation”

In an exclusive interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), Kawa Azizi, an expert on Kurdish issues, criticized the PKK for recruiting children, while stressing that “due to the PKK’s defeats at the war with Turkey, the number of guerrillas decreases, the organization recruits the children to compensate its lack of armed men, but […]

Another anti-Barzani activist attacked in Erbil

“You should better shut your mouth up!!”, was what two militia men in civilian clothing shouted when they attacked Hawre Kurdi, a political activist based in Erbil. He was on the way to a market, when his car was stopped by his assaulters last evening. Hawre Kurdi is a known opposition voice in the Kurdish […]

Both KDP and PKK arrest politicians of The Coalition for Democracy office

Member of Barham Saleh’s former party the National Alliance Executive Council, Muhammed Girtki, was earlier detained by the PKK in Qandil. Speaking to media outlets, National Coalition Council Member Celal Ahmed said that Muhammed Girtki was detained by the PKK. Ahmed and other party members have contacted the PKK saying that Girtki, one of the […]

IKHRW releases a shocking report on abduction of Iranian under ages by KDP (3)

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), Leila had decided to travel to find a job so as to solve the economic problems of her family especially her old father. With her sister, she planned to go to Iraqi Kurdistan (IK) to work and send money to the family. To stay in the […]

IKHRW releases a shocking report on abduction of Iranian under ages by KDP (2)

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports, Kurdish terrorist and armed groups have deep differences on various political issues, but they act quite the same way while harming Iranian Kurdish families and abducting Kurdish children. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), known also as HADAK, accused of terrorist acts against Iranian Kurds and helping […]

IKHRW releases a shocking report on abduction of Iranian under ages by KDP(1)

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports, the evidence, documented record and statistics prove, the armed and terrorist groups active in the name of the Kurdish people have done much against these people than others. Conflict, assassination, extortion and child recruitment as soldiers have been committed by these Kurdish groups pretending to defend […]

Tensions high, Iraqi Kurds want US troops on their border

According to Kurdish officials in Northern Iraq, US patrols on the Iraqi-Syrian border will control several actions, including the independent approval of border smuggling operations, which are valuable to the Kurdish Region and its main ally, Turkey. At the same time, the presence of observers will prevent PKK members from transferring troops and equipment from […]
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