IKHRW releases a shocking report on abduction of Iranian under ages by KDP (2)

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports, Kurdish terrorist and armed groups have deep differences on various political issues, but they act quite the same way while harming Iranian Kurdish families and abducting Kurdish children. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), known also as HADAK, accused of terrorist acts against Iranian Kurds and helping Saddam Hussein and the Ba’athist regime, remaining silent on the Halabja crime, has abducted and recruited Iranian Kurdish children to compensate its lack of armed men.

Mohammad Ghasemi, son of Ahmad from Bookan is the latest child soldier as victim of this armed group. The IKHRW reporter interviewed Ahmad on his son:

Mohammad’s father, Ahmad Ghasemi, has been pursuing fate of his son’s abduction and emphasized that his son was underage; but he was abducted and recruited as a child soldier by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (HADAK). “My son was a top student, he had a high chance for entering university, but the HADAK militias destroyed his future, our hope and our family.”

Referring to the mental condition of his family members, Mr. Mohammad Ghasemi said: “Mohammad’s mother is ill. His being kidnapped made his mother cry everyday and his younger sister hugs Mohammad’s photo while crying. She is seven years old and at the first grade school. I could not help crying. My child has been abducted since three months ago. Nobody answers us.”

“During this time, my son has just called home twice and announced he was at the camps of HADAK (Kurdistan Democratic Party),” he added. Mohammad was mistreated by some school principals in the area. This paved the way for his deception and abduction. The youth and the Kurds have no value for these groups. How is it possible to train the children and adolescents militarily? What do they pursue? What have these parties achieved so far? I know my son is repented. That’s why we want to go to HADAK camps next month and convince him to come back. I also expect the government to help us so that I can bring my son back. He is still seventeen years old. These armed groups have no aim but to annoy the families by kidnapping their children.

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