Both KDP and PKK arrest politicians of The Coalition for Democracy office

Member of Barham Saleh’s former party the National Alliance Executive Council, Muhammed Girtki, was earlier detained by the PKK in Qandil. Speaking to media outlets, National Coalition Council Member Celal Ahmed said that Muhammed Girtki was detained by the PKK.

Ahmed and other party members have contacted the PKK saying that Girtki, one of the party leaders, had disappeared at the borders of Kandil, Ahmed stated that the PKK members replied, “Yes, he is in custody with us”.

The PKK accused Girtki of collecting information and taking actions against them, Ahmed stated that they were not informed about who or for whom they collected information. Ahmed called on the PKK for the urgent release of Girtki. There has been no news from Raniyah resident Muhammed Girtki for over two months.

On another, more recent occasion, another leader of this party has been detained by KDP on accusations of spying for PKK.



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