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Syrian Democratic Forces Have Arrested/ Detained at Least 61 Teachers

Syrian Democratic Forces Have Arrested/ Detained at Least 61 Teachers Over Educational Curricula and for Forced Conscription Since the Beginning of 2021 Persecution of Nearly 550 Teachers Arbitrarily Dismissed from Their Jobs for Refusing Forced Conscription in the Governorates of Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zour and Hasaka The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) reveals in a […]

Both KDP and PKK arrest politicians of The Coalition for Democracy office

Member of Barham Saleh’s former party the National Alliance Executive Council, Muhammed Girtki, was earlier detained by the PKK in Qandil. Speaking to media outlets, National Coalition Council Member Celal Ahmed said that Muhammed Girtki was detained by the PKK. Ahmed and other party members have contacted the PKK saying that Girtki, one of the […]

List of arrested journalists in Kurdistan Region

On its Twitter account, Kurdistan Watch has published a list of names and photos of journalists arrested in the Kurdistan Region. Citing the journalists and their whereabouts, Kurdistan Watch writes that these people have been arrested in the past few months because of the suppression of expreession freedom and they criticize the policies of the […]

KDP arrests at least 10 teachers

Teachers and public sector employees protested in Duhok today (May 16) over delays in the disbursement of their salaries, with strict measures taken by the security forces to contain the demonstration. A source said that the protesters gathered in Azadi Park just after 3 p.m. as planned, but that the security forces intervened to prevent […]