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Asa’ad Afrouzi and the narration of escaping from the headquarters of the armed group “Freedom of Kurdistan”

Asa’ad Afrozi was born in Saqqez city in 1991. . He, who has been a member of the Kurdistan Liberation Armed Group, in 2021 and after three years of being in the headquarters of this armed group and accused of terrorist acts, finally escaped from this group and reached Iran. After repeated follow-ups by Iranian […]

PJAK should answer: Why should Iranian Kurdish girls become victims of the PKK-Turkey war?

PJAK has become a killing ground for Iranian women and girls, and does not take any responsibility for them. This armed and militant group uses Iranian girls for war and its illegitimate, illegal and immoral purposes. While this group presents itself as a supporter of Iranian Kurdish women and girls and claims to carry out […]

The latest victim of PJAK terrorism: A girl from Makoo city

The process of deception, abduction, execution, and killing the Iranian Kurdish youth and adolescents by PJAK and the PKK began years ago and continues. Under age Kurdish adolescents who are known to have been deceived or abducted all have a single and definite destiny: “Execution and being killed while fleeing PJAK headquarters or in Turkish […]

Kurdish Politician: PKK orders my assassination

In a news conference widely welcomed by Kurdish and Turkish media, politicians and political activists, Turkish Kurdish politician Ibrahim Guchlu said that the PKK had issued an order to kill him. Addressing the audience, including members of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), the Free Demand Party (HUDA-PAR), the TEVGER and the Kurdistan Socialist Party (KSP), […]

A new crime; another sign of PJAK’s being terrorist on its establishment anniversary; Iranian Kurdish youth disappear

As the Iranian branch of the PKK, the PJAK terrorist group, entered a new phase of its activities following Abdullah Ocalan’s arrestation and began to move in the Kurdish regions of Iran to recruit new members and get finance. The existence of some ethnic potentials in this region of Iran, as well as serious deprivations […]

“Terrorists are terrorists; there are no good and bad ones”

During UNSC’s Open Debate on January 12, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar took a stand against states which support and aid terrorism, he asked the international community to collectively call out such states and hold them accountable. Dr S Jaishankar said, “Some states lack legal/operational frameworks and technical expertise to detect, investigate and prosecute […]

This month in PJAK’s history

۲۴ November 2004 Urmia: A five-member team of PJAK terrorists attacked Gangchin village of Urmia province at night and attacked the house of a villager, threatening him and other residents not to cooperate with local officials. ۳ December 2004 Urmia: A four-member team of PJAK terrorists entered one of the suburbs and Kurdish neighborhoods of […]

Fatih Cosmic: “Demirtas is a terrorist in collar and tie”

A political activist on his Twitter account referred to the history of Selaheddin Demirtash, the former leader of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), supporting the PKK and publkished some shared photos of Demirtash with the PKK leaders. He called Demirtash a “terrorist” and wrote to Kenneth Ruth in Human Rights Watch: “These are the images […]

Adile Buse: “Demirtash is a supporter of terrorism.”

A human rights activist criticizes the Turkish government’s policy of not dealing decisively with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the political wing of the PKK, in the parliament of that country, she criticizes and writes: “If there was real justice, after revealing how the HDP cooperated in kidnapping children for PKK, it must be closed […]

Attacks by the Terrorist PKK Organization in the IKR

The United States strongly condemns the attacks by the terrorist PKK organization yesterday against Kurdistan Regional security officials in Iraq. We remain steadfast in our support for Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimi and the Kurdistan Regional Government in their efforts to root out terrorism, and we extend our sympathy and condolences to the families of those […]
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