“Terrorists are terrorists; there are no good and bad ones”

During UNSC’s Open Debate on January 12, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar took a stand against states which support and aid terrorism, he asked the international community to collectively call out such states and hold them accountable. Dr S Jaishankar said, “Some states lack legal/operational frameworks and technical expertise to detect, investigate and prosecute terrorist financing cases.

However, there are other states that are guilty of aiding and supporting terrorism and provide financial assistance, safe havens. While we must enhance the capacities of the former, the international community must collectively call out the latter and hold them accountable.”

“Terrorists are terrorists; there are no good and bad ones”

He further listed out points to curb terrorism.“We must summon up political will to combat terrorism. There must be no ifs and buts in the fight. Nor should we allow terrorism to be justified and terrorists glorified. All members must fulfill the obligations enshrined in international counter-terrorism instruments. We must not countenance double standards in this battle. Terrorists are terrorists; there are no good and bad ones. Those who propagate this distinction have an agenda and those who cover up for them are just as culpable,” said EAM Jaishankar, further listing out points to curb terrorism.

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