PJAK must answer: Where is Nian Darvishi?

The correspondent of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) managed to interview and talk to the family of Nian Darvishi, the daughter of Abdul, born in ۲۰۰۳٫ “Late last summer, my daughter was deceived and kidnapped by members of the group,” Abdul Darvishi, Nian’s father, told the IKHRW. He said that some members of the group were secretly traveling in the plains near our village (affiliated to the city of Marivan). I think my child was deceived at that time. Because later the villagers told me that they had seen the members of the group talking to my daughter several times. “But at the time, they didn’t tell us because they feared PJAK members.”

A child soldier of PJAK/PKK

“Nian studied until the ninth grade and left school because she was not interested in studying,” Nian’s father said on his daughter’s education level. “Some people saw Nian with members of the group after Nian was recruited, but she has not yet had any contact with her family,” Abdul Darvishi told our correspondent. We followed up to return her to Iran several times, but PJAK members prevented from doing so. They said because she herself joined, so we can’t return her back. Of course, these were just excuses.”

Welcoming the IKHRW’s offer to follow up the painful news about his daughter, he stressed that he would follow up the matter through the international police. The IKHRW will also use its national and international capabilities to determine the fate of these individuals.

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