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IKHRW releases a shocking report on abduction of Iranian under ages by KDP (3)

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), Leila had decided to travel to find a job so as to solve the economic problems of her family especially her old father. With her sister, she planned to go to Iraqi Kurdistan (IK) to work and send money to the family. To stay in the […]

IKHRW releases a shocking report on abduction of Iranian under ages by KDP(1)

As the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) reports, the evidence, documented record and statistics prove, the armed and terrorist groups active in the name of the Kurdish people have done much against these people than others. Conflict, assassination, extortion and child recruitment as soldiers have been committed by these Kurdish groups pretending to defend […]

A former member: “Having economic and family problems, I was deceived by PJAK”

In an interview, A. Mahmudi, a former PJAK member, codenamed as Awat, born on 01/05/1999 in a village of Chalderan city, West Azerbaijan province, Iran, said: “My father had workshop in the area that went bankrupt. This led the family to many difficulties and challenges.” “Due to financial and family problems, I left home and […]

Father of a child ‌ recruited by PKK: “My son was abducted and killed”

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), the presence of child soldiers in the PKK and its branches is undeniable, even the heads of this terrorist group have confirmed it. Hundreds of Kurdish mothers have gathered in front of the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Diyarbakir, Turkey for more than […]

Latest victim of PJAK terrorism: Seyran Abbasi, mother of two children

A documentary and convincing report by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) on the kidnapping, burying and killing a number of Iranian teenagers and children in PJAK headquarters and the caves where the group lives and this due to avalanches and heavy snow in 2020 winter, led to numerous reactions and questions in Kurdistan […]

Why doesn’t PJAK deliver Kamrani’s corpse to his family?

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the PKK-affiliated Euphrates News Agency published a report on August 31, 2018, in which PKK forces were killed in a bombing raid by the Turkish army on August 2, 2018, on the outskirts of Shirnak, South-East Turkey. One of the Iranian forces killed in this attack was […]

Vakkas Dogantekin: PKK / YPG commit shameless acts

On his Twitter account, Vakkas Dogantekin, a journalist, criticized the PKK and pointed to its branches: “Following US efforts to legitimize PKK / YPG terrorists, the group is committing atrocities. The PKK is doing this under US supervision in Syria.” “The arbitrary killing of civilians, the abduction of children and their recruitment as child soldiers […]

From Kermanshah to Ozalp and …

Vali Parsa, the son of Sabah and Nasrin, born in Kermanshah, Iran, did not imagine that one day at the best of his adolescence and organizationally codenamed as Harun Agri will be killed in the city of Ozalp, affiliated to the city of Van in Turkey and this during the conflict between the army and […]

Yazidi woman video message: “PKK threatens but we will not remain silent”

Simultaneously with the increase in the kidnapping of Yazidi children in Shangal/Sinjar by the PKK, with the aim of recruiting them as child soldiers, the Yazidi Kurds also expressed their dissatisfaction with the PKK. A Kurdish Yazidi woman says in a video: “ISIL threatened us, they kidnapped our children, they threatened to kill us. The […]

Kurdish mothers in front of the HDP office: We will not celebrate Eid al-Qurban without our abducted children

Dozens of Kurdish mothers have been protesting in front of the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) for about a year now, calling on the party to take the abducted children from the PKK and return them. These Kurdish mothers did not give up their sit-in even in the cold of winter and still […]
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