Hussein Yazdan Panah and PAK armed group have taken Iranian Kurdish children hostage

The leader of this group is Hussein Yazdan Panah.

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, in a statement on Saturday regarding the gathering of Iranian Kurdish families who are looking for their children in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, announced its position and clarified that these families believe that the armed groups that are present in the region under the control of the Kurdistan Region ; Their children are tricked and taken over and used as armed forces and soldiers.

One of the armed groups that is present in the region under the protection and control of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and plays an important role in kidnapping and deceiving and using children as soldiers is the PAK Armed Group/Kurdistan Freedom Party. The head of this group is Hussein Yazdan Panah.

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch addresses Yazdan Panah in this short note:

  1. Why are you using children as soldiers and armed forces against all international regulations? Why do you prevent Kurdish children and teenagers from returning to Iran and to their families? Why do you use children and girls under the age of 18 as bodyguards for your wife?
  2. Why did the PAK militias try to make them willing to participate in the sectarian structure of the PAK group by recording the forced confessions of two of the girls whose families went to Erbil to bring them back? The families of PAK members believe that their children entered the Pak structure not by choice, but by deception, coercion and kidnapping and are forced to continue living in this group. Why didn’t you allow families and their children to meet in the recent gathering in Erbil?

۳٫ Mr. Yazdan Panah! The above image is an example of psychological warfare and spreading lies and propaganda of your few supporters in cyber space! How is the gathering of dozens of Kurdish families described as a conspiracy? They just want to meet their children. Why didn’t you allow me to meet? Why should children take up arms in your group and learn terror and sabotage and murder?

۴٫ The statement of the PAK armed group states: We invite all communication groups to disobey PAK members and the Kurdistan National Guard and visit the boys and girls fighting for the independence of Kurdistan. The main question is who gave you the right to form an armed group on behalf of the people of Kurdistan? Who gave the right to make an army out of Kurdish boys and girls? In which free election did you become a national official and now you claim to have created the National Guard? By the way, why haven’t you allowed different news and independent media into your headquarters? Why not let families visit their children with cameras and cell phones? In advanced and super security prisons, prisoners have the right to visit! How have you enslaved children that they don’t even have the right to visit?

۵٫ The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch clearly declares that it has no input into political issues and historical and armed conflicts. We are a human rights organization and we simply believe that children should not be involved in armed conflict. If Kurdish armed groups have any conflict with the Iranian government; It is related to themselves; But they have no right to use children in their fruitless war and violate international laws and human rights and children’s rights. We firmly declare that Kurdish children are hostages in the hands of the PAK Armed Group and its leader, and they must be released immediately. The attribution of a popular movement and human rights to political institutions is only to escape accountability and legal responsibility.

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