Latest victim of PJAK terrorism: Seyran Abbasi, mother of two children

A documentary and convincing report by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) on the kidnapping, burying and killing a number of Iranian teenagers and children in PJAK headquarters and the caves where the group lives and this due to avalanches and heavy snow in 2020 winter, led to numerous reactions and questions in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Kurdish regions of Iran. These young people had been abducted or deceived in the fall of 2019 and then transferred to PJAK headquarters.

To further investigate the issue and continue its investigation, as well as to ask PJAK officials on the fate of these young people, the IKHRW interviewed their family members, including the family of Seyran Abbasi, wife of Sabah Amjadi and mother of two children who was born in 1989.

“We did not have any problems in the family,” Sabah Amjadi told the IKHRW. My wife and I had a good relationship and there were no financial problems. Before my wife was deceived, PJAK was present in Ganehbo village, Mariwan, Kurdistaan province, Iran, and extorted people. I knew kidnapping children was their policy, but I never thought my wife would be deceived. I have not heard from her for about a year now. I do not know if she is alive or dead. She has not even called me.”

Sabah Amjadi added, “My wife’s cousin was working for PJAK by providing them food. I am sure he has deceived on my wife for money and has taken her to PJAK camps. As a family, we had no motivation to join such a terrorist group. We consider them as thieves and murderers. In the villages around us, PJAK members extorted people and kidnapped children for many times. The oppression PJAK inflicted on me and my family is not forgivable. My children do not know how to live without their mother. I just wait for my wife to come back.”

The IKHRW is still waiting for a response from the PJAK / PKK-affiliated media.

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