Why doesn’t PJAK deliver Kamrani’s corpse to his family?

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the PKK-affiliated Euphrates News Agency published a report on August 31, 2018, in which PKK forces were killed in a bombing raid by the Turkish army on August 2, 2018, on the outskirts of Shirnak, South-East Turkey. One of the Iranian forces killed in this attack was Negar Kamrani. Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has interviewed her family to follow up on the matter and, of course, determine the fate of the Iranian girl’s body. It is worth mentioning that PJAK has a dark history of taking teenagers from the family environment and sending them to war zones, many of them get killed in Turkey. But when the family pursues the issue of their child’s funeral, they are treated with utter disrespect. One of these families is the Kamrani family in Kurdistan province.

Her family told our Watchdog that Negar had no political or military motives and was studying at university. As a nursing student, she never thought about PJAK, war or terrorism. She was seventeen years old when she was deceived into joining the ranks of PJAK. Negar’s family emphasized that PJAK claims that Negar was killed in Shirnak, yet they themselves are Iranians. If PJAK is a defender of the rights of the people of Iranian Kurdistan, then why was Negar killed in Turkey? “We still do not know the cause of our daughter’s death and we do not know if she is alive or dead. PJAK may have killed her while running away. She wanted to go and help the people of Sinjar, that is what she herself has claimed when joining the group, not to take up arms and fight somewhere in Turkey.

The mother of Negar, who has been waiting for the news of her daughter for several years, cried and said that PJAK has abducted her daughter. PJAK took the pen from her and killed her. My daughter was at university and she had seen the oppression of the people of Sinjar by ISIL on Kurdish TV and the internet, and she wanted to help them in a humanitarian mission. They told her they could take her to that area, as it remained under their control. I swear, she didn’t want to join PJAK.

One afternoon, as always, we waited for her to return, but we have never seen her since. We were lied to at the PJAK border checkpoints and I am sure they kidnapped my daughter. Then, deep in Iraq, we noticed that she was being transferred to Qandil and we went there. We were told that she was training and we couldn’t see her. Two months later, I saw a photo of my daughter in a PKK uniform and RPG weapon in Sinjar and realized what had happened to me. We went to Qandil again and this time they disrespected us and did not give us any answer.

Negar’s father also cried and told the Watchdog reporter that PJAK deceives youngsters like Negar by abusing their emotions. Why should an Iranian Kurd be killed in Shirnak? It is not a service to the people that a group like PJAK deceives the Kurdish youth and then spreads the news of their death. We did not meet with my daughter even before she was killed. While even a prisoner has the right to visit. All the members of PJAK are prisoners in Qandil, and we do not even know where our daughter was killed. Our lives have been destroyed. Our family is emotionally damaged. What has PJAK done to our daughter and her body? Her sister is now severely depressed; We are ready to give our whole life for Negar’s return.

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has always sought to answer the question of why PJAK does not deliver the bodies of its Iranian members to their families and why it delays the news of the deaths of its members.

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