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Family conflicts and pressure on women; the groundwork for joining Kurdish armed groups

Somayeh Moradi: as soon as my family realized where I went, they quickly pursued me. According to IKHRW Somayeh Moradi, a former member of PAK and Democrat, is one of those who in an interview with the reporter has announced due to conflicts with her mother and communication via Telegram with members of the PAK […]

The horrifying narration of “Setareh Zadhesh” about being in the headquarters of the PJAK and escaping from them

Setareh; from child marriage to child soldier in PJAK. According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the deception and kidnapping of young Iranian Kurdish girls and teenagers is one of the common and popular methods of Kurdish armed groups, girls and women are more interested in groups such as, PJAK, PAK. Komala, Demokrat, and […]

Alarming increase in domestic violence and child abuse in Turkey in 2023

Analysis of Domestic Violence Cases Reported in the Media Between January 1 and December 31, 2023. The 2023 report of the Independent Socio-Political Field Research Center of Turkey shows a significant increase in domestic violence and child abuse in this country, where 385 women were murdered and many cases of abuse have been reported in […]

Women, identity and armed conflicts

 The use of women and girls as “human shields” is a global issue that is pursued in international capacities to prevent humanitarian disasters. In the Middle East today, the two keywords “gender” and “ethnicity” have become the basis and focus of the actions of various performers in various conflicts. Meanwhile, the marginalization of women and […]

The need for urgent humanitarian action in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

During the last four decades, opposing Kurdish parties of Iran have bases in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which, in addition to political activities, have also launched military and armed branches and have had conflicts in the border areas of Iran. Regardless of the political issues and tensions that exist in this area, the Iranian […]

A shocking report from the mountains of Kurdistan; How Kolbar women suffer

Arasteh, a woman, has been kolbarring (illegally carrying goods from the border) with her husband for the last four years. She looks like a 50-year-old woman, but as she herself says that she is under 40. Arasteh only goes kolbarring twice a week. She is not able to continue any more. Mrs. Arasteh suffers from […]

Women and children; main victims of terrorism in the Middle East

The Kurdish regions in the Middle East have been in war and violence for years, while women and children have been and are main victims. Many victims are women and children due to their high vulnerability in war and violent acts. Women and girls are sexually raped and abused, children are recruited as soldiers. All […]

Turkish-affiliated terrorist groups kidnap women and girls in Afrin

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) and the “Afrin Missing Women Organization”, in its December 2020 report [1], the new statistics on the abduction of Afrin women and girls by terrorist groups affiliated with Turkey are high. According to this report, 128 young women and girls have been kidnapped by Turkish-affiliated terrorist […]

Why doesn’t PJAK deliver Kamrani’s corpse to his family?

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the PKK-affiliated Euphrates News Agency published a report on August 31, 2018, in which PKK forces were killed in a bombing raid by the Turkish army on August 2, 2018, on the outskirts of Shirnak, South-East Turkey. One of the Iranian forces killed in this attack was […]

Dutch journalist: “I threw away YPG gifts”

Michael Arizanti, a Dutch journalist active in the Kurdish field, assesses the situation of the Kurds under PKK-controlled Norgthern Syria while saying that when he met the group in northern Syria, he did not think he was facing a dreadful group, and gradually realized this fact. “We are cleaning for Christmas right now. Found an […]
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