The need for urgent humanitarian action in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

During the last four decades, opposing Kurdish parties of Iran have bases in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which, in addition to political activities, have also launched military and armed branches and have had conflicts in the border areas of Iran.

Regardless of the political issues and tensions that exist in this area, the Iranian government has also tried to use legal and political capacities and limit the presence of the armed opposition. This tense atmosphere has also caused severe conflicts. In the past months, the Iranian government has targeted Kurdish militia centers with missiles, and what has been broadcast in recent days has strengthened the speculation that the Iranian government plans to bomb these bases through its military forces. According to recent news, the leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Komala and Pak, have left their residence places and settled in safe neighborhoods, but their militia forces are present. These news indicate that many of these people are children and women who have been recruited and armed by these parties.

Based on what has been obtained during several years of activities of the human rights of Iranian Kurdistan Watch, most of these women, children and even young people have left these militias because of poverty, addiction and divorce, and so on.

Our investigations show that there is a legal possibility to help these children and women, therefore, we ask the responsible officials in the Iranian government and especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the cooperation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, to provide the ways for the departure of these young people and women and children. Definitely, this humanitarian action will help to reduce human casualties, especially for women and children.

Our proposal to the opposition parties of the Iranian government is to remove the excuses and officially announce that they have accepted the disarmament and will be politically active as an opposition movement. If this positive action is taken by Kurdish parties opposing Iran, many existing challenges will be resolved. They know well that they have not achieved anything with the armed methods just militarized and secured the Kurdistan region for years.

Conversations with many people separated from these parties, as families whose children have been involved in this militarized environment for years, show that the body of Kurdish society is also tired and damaged by this situation.

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