“Brotherhood of Peoples” the achievement of four decades of PKK violence

By Jamal Hameh / Translated by: IKHRW

After Abdullah Ocalan promised to serve the Turkish government, he promoted the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project among Turkish Kurds. Ocalan was still on a plane when he surrendered to Turkish forces in Kenya, announcing “I am ready to serve.” In fact, Ocalan promised to prepare the Kurds for the Turkish government’s project of integration and gradual assimilation. He further promised to disarm the Kurds and in this regard made changes in the PKK. He did these changes so as to be in line with the agenda of the Turkish government.

Abdullah Ocalan adopted the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project in 2013, according to which peace must be established in Turkey, so Ocalan asked the PKK to disarm and leave Turkey. At the same time, he called on the Turkish Kurds to give up any rights for themselves in order to be assimilated into Turkish society under the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project. In fact, this action was done and the PKK guerrillas were transferred from Turkey to Syria and the Kurdistan Region to take steps to support the Ocalan project in Iraq and Syria.

The question that arises is what is the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project?

The “Brotherhood of Peoples” project is a dirty intelligence project backed by the Turkish and Syrian intelligence apparatuses, in support of their Kurdish policies. The project calls on the Kurds to relinquish any rights and gradually assimilate into their ruling nations and lose their Kurdish identity. The fact is that we all know that Turkey claims to be democratic, but this is not the case, and there is severe discrimination between Kurds and Turks. The “Brotherhood of Peoples” project is also in this direction. In other words, he tells the Kurds, “Stop being a Kurd, come to be a Turk.”

This project is emphasized by the PKK and affiliated organizations such as PYD and the self-government in Northern Syria. They intend to impose this on the Kurds through terror, assassination, deceptive propaganda and deception, and it is the greatest deception and betrayal of the Kurds in history and has no purpose other than to destroy the Kurdish people. Also, his goal for the Kurds is to be servants of the Turks eternally, so the Kurds must stand with all their might against the PKK, its branches and this project so that it is not too late. The goal of this dangerous project is to destroy any Kurdish identity and eradicate it from the history and geography.

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