Ocalan had a phone call with his brother

Abdullah Ocalan, jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has spoken on the phone with his brother for a “short” time after nearly a year of no contact, according to a statement from his lawyers. The news follows recent rumours that Ocalan had died in jail. Without naming his brother, Asrin Law Office, which […]

Has Abdullah Ocalan passed away?

Kurds around the world are boiling with anger. They are planning a general uprising to demand news about the imprisoned PKK-leader (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). In over a dozen European cities, such as Stockholm, Paris, Dresden, Frankfurt, The Hague, Kurds have already taken to the streets with yellow flags showing a picture of their leader, and […]

“Brotherhood of Peoples” the achievement of four decades of PKK violence

By Jamal Hameh / Translated by: IKHRW After Abdullah Ocalan promised to serve the Turkish government, he promoted the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project among Turkish Kurds. Ocalan was still on a plane when he surrendered to Turkish forces in Kenya, announcing “I am ready to serve.” In fact, Ocalan promised to prepare the Kurds for […]

Yildirim’s birthday; Abdullah Ocalan and the real status of women in the PKK

Who is Kesire Yildirim? Kesire Yildirim was born in 1951 in the city of Dep in Mezra. His family emigrated from Dersim to Dep in 1940. She was Zazaki-speaking Kurdish and the first child of a family with six children. She is said to have changed her date of birth to 1953. She attended primary […]

Death anniversary of Ismat Sherif Vanli; His views on Abdullah Ocalan

Ismat Sherif Vanli, a prominent Kurdish historian and politician, was born in 1924 in the Kurdish district of Damascus. He studied law and history in Syria, Lebanon, France and Switzerland, and dedicated his doctoral dissertation to the Iraqi Kurdish uprising led by Mullah Mustafa Barzani. He was one of the founders of the Kurdish Lawyers […]

Abdullah Ocalan’s Intellectual Contradictions on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (۴)

By: Aso Kamal Economic view; The economy of the productive woman and the predatory man “Women were the driving force behind the agricultural revolution and the domestication of animals,” says Abdullah Ocalan, adding that “women are the real owners of the economy.” “Every hunting activity is a male affair, because hunting also requires a culture […]

On the occasion of Olaf Palme’s tenure as Prime Minister

Olaf Palme became Sweden’s prime minister on such a day. Olaf Palme soon attracted everbody’s attention. He was known for his efforts for peace, but he was killed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and his wife was wounded along with him in 1986, two years after the PKK officially began its armed activities. The […]

Abdullah Ocalan’s Intellectual Contradictions on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (3)

Abdullah Ocalan writes, “Woman is an angel and man is a predator.” Undoubtedly, Abdullah Ocalan supports women in this debate and rejects men. According to the PKK leader “Women’s culture is a culture of production from the method of harvesting to the production or planting of wheat, and this activity has been conciliatory. There is […]

Contradictions and Controversies in Abdullah Ocalan’s Views on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (۲)

By Aso Kamal “Women are the identity of the environment,” writes Abdullah Ocalan about the environmental protection. “Because creating a woman is basic for economic needs, she does not pollute herself nor become a threat to the climate,” he writes. Is there really anything more funny and humorous than this point of view? Question: If […]

Contradictions and Controversies in Abdullah Ocalan’s Views on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (1)

By Aso Kamal Ocalan’s book “The Women” was published in 2012 by PKK propaganda machine. In this book, Abdullah Ocalan expressed his views on women’s knowledge, model, tall women, sexual issues, love and women’s characteristics, and the problems of PKK women. In this book, Ocalan pretends to make the issue of women scientific and says: […]
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