Abdullah Ocalan’s Intellectual Contradictions on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (۴)

By: Aso Kamal

Economic view; The economy of the productive woman and the predatory man

“Women were the driving force behind the agricultural revolution and the domestication of animals,” says Abdullah Ocalan, adding that “women are the real owners of the economy.”

“Every hunting activity is a male affair, because hunting also requires a culture of war and relies on harsh rule.” Abdullah Ocalan continues as saying that “the characteristics of the body of a man and a woman make them force the man to hunt.”

That is, according to Ocalan, because the man has a thick voice and coarser hair and more, so he is a hunter. Whatever a man does, in the end he has no choice but to become a hunter. Because these traits lead him to hunt. That is, if even a woman goes to the sports arena, for example, and wins the championship, she can not succeed because she is a woman and can not do hard works. Predatory means man. This is the logic of Abdullah Ocalan.

So far, research on Ocalan’s theses has not taught us anything. He talks about two economies, one male and one female, but does not say what the source of this history is. “There are only two economies,” he says.

Is it the duty of women to cultivate farms and the duty of men to hunt?

But let’s take a look at the scientific perspective. According to science, society first began with hunting and then with the domestication of animals and agriculture. Therefore, Ocalan’s statements are rejected and have no scientific basis. His statements about motherhood are also scientifically refuted. According to Morgan, human society has gone through three stages: predation, barbarism, and civilization.

Predation: It is the stage when nature rules over man, and in this stage, man-made works are those tools that are needed to obtain natural products, for example, hunting requires a stick or tool.

The second stage is the beginning of agriculture and animal husbandry. At this stage, humans have been able to increase natural production that results from increased human activity.

Stage of Civilization: In this stage, man learns the strategies of natural production, for example, he knows how to deal with a disease if it is encountered or not to enter it like placing a manikin among the wheat fields of animals.

That is, man has an economy in all these stages and has nothing to do with the human race, and Ocalan’s view is a baseless and unscientific issue.

If we confirm Ocalan’s thesis, which says that “women are the source of agricultural production and men are the source of hunting”, then Abdullah Ocalan also has two economies and work is divided between men and women. Shouldn’t the woman have had more power and support in that case because her production was more than the hunter man? In this case, how could a man rule over a woman while agricultural production was in the hands of a woman?

Question: Is this consistent with logic?

What is the correct narration? When man was able to increase production, as a result of that growth and development of production from all aspects of animal husbandry, agriculture, home industry, the need for much work, war arose and, for example, prisoners of war were enslaved to work more. At this stage, the division of labor took place and the issue of wealth distribution in society also came to the fore. In other words, when production increased, at the same time as agriculture and animal husbandry, the need for a new labor force arose, and here the relationship between man and woman becomes clear, that is, the man also became the owner of agricultural and hunting tools and equipment.

Ocalan’s claim that women owned the agricultural and animal husbandry revolution did not exist at any point in history, but even at the predatory stage where Morgan says the economy was hunting and women did the housework, not farming or raising animals. Even in the agricultural and pastoral stages, the woman was engaged in housework, and therefore became subject to the man’s rule, otherwise neither logic nor the woman herself would accept that while being the owner of the cultivation and production, she was also subject to the man.

This is Ocalan’s position of reducing the status of women

“The role of women at the heart of the economy is a trait that makes a person feel good, because she gives birth to a child and raises it,” says Abdullah Ocalan.

Ocalan’s thesis is exactly the opposite of the historical facts, because what kept the woman’s backwardness was that she stayed at home, the birth of children made her the property of the man, and prevented her from playing her rightful role in society. But Ocalan claims that “women are at the forefront of society’s economic activity.” But we know that economics and its centrality in women can be summarized from Ocalan’s point of view in the context of childbirth and child care.

In general, from Ocalan’s point of view, women have always owned the economy and agricultural production, but in the real world, everything is the opposite of Ocalan’s statements. This thesis is only approved by people who do not use their intellect and do not accept logic and history.

While the economy was controlled by men during the days of slavery, feudalism, and capitalism, Ocalan is silent on the subject, and his thick books are nothing more than propaganda aimed at attracting women emotionally.

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