Kurds kill Kurds; the sad reality of the Iraqi-Iranian border

Conscript Reza Hedayati, a 19-year-old youth from Bandar Anzali (Gilan province, in Iran’s North), who comes from a Kurdish family, was martyred while on duty.

Martyrdom of a Gilani conscript in the Sardasht border area, according to the Gilan Center Radio and Television News Agency.

Conscript Reza Hedayati was martyred during his duty and clashed with members of a Kurdish armed group in the border areas of Sardasht city, a prominent border city of West Azerbaijan province.

These militants infiltrated the Iranian border territory from its camps in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Reza Hedayati was a young man in military conscription, which is obligatory for all Iranian male nationals between 18-40 years old to fulfill.

He was acting as a border guard, keeping watch, and was not a member of any special forces unit that could be tasked with attacking these groups.

Time after time, IKHRW has emphasized the sad reality of life and death at the Iraqi-Iranian border.

IKHRW has repetitively requested both the KRG and the Iranian government to secure border areas, and to bring rule and order to the area.

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