Adnan Oktar: Ocalan insults Kurdish women in his books

Adnan Oktar, a well-known Turkish writer, in a speech about the situation of women and Abdullah Ocalan’s views, described Ocalan’s thoughts on women, especially Kurdish women, as “shameful”, citing O‌calan’s writings and citing the anti-woman comments and the number of the subject in his books. “The PKK changed its strategy after the 1990s, declaring that […]

Abdullah Ocalan’s view on the women

One only has to watch a video to understand Ocalan’s view of women. In the video, he literally tells the women in the room, including Sakine Cansiz, that they can grow in the organization if they’ll be with him. One should also notice the way the women behave, as if they’re under threat. Most of […]

Yalçın Küçük: I kept the Kurds away from Barzani, otherwise they would fight for independence instead of a democratic Turkey

Through the words of Yalçın Küçük, who was detained in relation to the Ergenekon trials and released in December 2012, I want to show you once again the treason PKK has committed to the Kurds from Turkey. Or that the PKK itself, acted by order of theTurkish ‘Ergenekon’. Küçük was accused of being one of […]
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