Adnan Oktar: Ocalan insults Kurdish women in his books

Adnan Oktar, a well-known Turkish writer, in a speech about the situation of women and Abdullah Ocalan’s views, described Ocalan’s thoughts on women, especially Kurdish women, as “shameful”, citing O‌calan’s writings and citing the anti-woman comments and the number of the subject in his books.

“The PKK changed its strategy after the 1990s, declaring that ‘we are not communists and Stalinists. We are ready for friendship with Europe and the United States’. It was very tricky. Very skilled in deception and tricking,” said Adnan Oktar. “In other words, it is based on deception.”

“But its enmity with the United States was clear to everyone. It makes these statements only for the sake of hypocracy, and by raising the issue of the status of women, it intends to place itself in a good position in the eyes of the West.” “I quote Abdullah Ocalan as saying, ‘Women’s freedom is the freedom of Kurdistan.'” Europe was deceived by Ocalan’s slogan, some out of naivety and some out of lack of knowledge.”

Regarding Ocalan’s deception, Oktar added that he even wrote a book entitled “How to Live” and on page 91 he insulted all Kurdish women and girls and – I’m very sorry and I apologize to Kurdish mothers and daughters – Ocalan says all Kurdish women like dead corpses, cold and soulless, they are stinking, they are rough. They seem to stink. They do not have the power to think. They do not even know how to repeat a few words as much as a parrot. “Imagine not even being worth as much as a parrot.” These are Abdullah Ocalan’s remarks. Insulting women is so unbelievable. I apologize to Kurdish mothers and daughters again. There are many Kurdish and Zaza mothers and daughters in this community.

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