Mr. Kaboudvand, why don’t you say anything about Dorsa Dalaei Milan?

The long list of Iranian Kurdish victims of PJAK, the PKK branch, shows how much the group has committed the crimes, and the deadly silence of the so-called human rights defenders has so far allowed the group to continue its crimes.

Dorsa Dalaei Milan, the son of Ibrahim and Batool from a village in Maku city in West Azerbaijan province, Iran, was still a teenager when he fell victim to PJAK. The recurring story of these victims in PJAK is that they are taken to Qandil with threats and deception, and there is no way for them to return. They only leave the way of death open for them.

Dorsa Dalaei was turned into Zerin Zilan and handed the weapon. Dorsa went to Hakari in Turkey. Like most other victims, she was killed by the Turkish army shortly after joining the the PKK on June 10, 2012.

PJAK claims independence from PKK but this is just a lie. PJAK is a branch of PKK. And for that, it provides the PKK with the Iranian Kurds as fighting force to die.

Mr. Kaboudvand, is your silence a sign of cooperation and empathy with PJAK? Does the definition of human rights in your “Kurdistan Human Rights Organization” include only external cases? Be really “Mohammad Siddiq” (Mohammad the truthful) like your name.

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