If Ramadan was alive…

These days in social networks, sentences like “If … he was alive, it would be his birthday.” No one is happy about the death of others. But do the people who write this have the necessary belief in their intentions? By simple comparison, we find that these people have a double standard in dealing with human rights. Searching the accounts of these people in social networks, no trace of the names of Kurdish, adolescent and young Kurdish victims of the PKK / PJAK can be seen, and this makes it impossible to believe their other claims.

Ramadan Brooki Milan, the son of Qader and Zahra from Maku in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, is one of dozens of Kurdish children and adolescents who have been deceived or abducted by PJAK. He was renamed Zana Rojelat and shortly after joining PJAK, he was killed as a member of the PKK in Hakkari, Turkey on August 4, 2012. His parents do not even know where he is buried.

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