Guchlu: “PKK opposes any Kurdish unity”

In an interview, Ibrahim Guchlu, a Kurdish politician in Turkey, said that the PKK openly opposes any agreement reached by the Syrian Kurds, citing recent remarks by Jamil Bayik, current head of the PKK. Aiming to thwart any attempt to reach an agreement, the PKK ordered a number of its members to attack the offices of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (SKDP), and we saw that the offices were set on fire and slogans in support of Ocalan were written on their doors and walls.

“Our offices have been set on fire many times. The flag of the Kurdistan Regional Government has been disrespected and set on fire. They repeat these programs,” said Hasan Ramzi, a member of the SKDP central committee.

Guchlu called this a serious threat against the Syrian Kurds by the PKK group. He added that the PKK opposes “any unity of the Kurds.”

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