Lack of water in Hasakah: PKK sells water to the people

Hasakah province is one of the most fertile areas in Syria, parts of which are controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a branch of the PKK. These armed groups and Turkish-affiliated armed groups are fighting over power and looting the region’s wealth, and after the defeat of the SDF and the control of the Haskah water pumping station by Turkish-affiliated groups, the people are in dire situation and are forced to water supply in gallons and buckets. Water crisis caused by the presence of PKK has caused the agents of this group to sell fresh water to the people.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus has also targeted the area and has led to losing a number of lives so far. People are dissatisfied with the current situation and say that they should not be victims of the SDF and armed groups affiliated with Turkey, because cutting off drinking water has become a tool of pressure on these groups against each other.

The Syrian central government has accused the Syrian Democratic Forces of stealing the country’s wealth – including oil and wheat – in the northeast, particularly in Hasakah.

Video file link, people complain:

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