Mubasher Karimpour’s father: They threw my son’s stuff in a garbage bag in the yard

As Mubasher Karimpour’s father stated in an interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, he said: PJAK threw my son’s belongings in a black garbage bag into our yard!

We have told the public many times about Iranian Kurdish families who have become victims of inhumane policies that violate human rights, such as forced disappearances and employment of child soldiers in militant groups such as PKK/PJAK.

These people and the families of the victims did not meet this fate by their own will, they did not get caught in this amount of economic, social, etc. problems by their own will, and none of them are happy that their child or children were deceived into a life full of danger and violence by Kurdish militias.

One of the several Iranian Kurdish families involved in these issues, which have become victims of the goals of PJAK, is the family of Mubasher Karimpour.

Mubasher’s father said during the interview:

“My son was missing for three years until the neighbors informed us of his death.”

“We didn’t even have a satellite receiver to hear this news on the Kurdish channels ourselves. The news shocked not only our family, but all our friends and relatives, because Mubasher was a very pious, calm and well-behaved boy. My son had a pickup truck that he worked on and even helped me sometimes.”

“Until now, we didn’t understand how he got into that group and we didn’t even know where and how he was killed! The most important question is whether my son was really killed or not.”

“Before he left home, he told me that he found a job in Tehran and wanted to go there to live. Thinking that our son is going to work in Tehran, we tried not to disturb him too much. But this ignorance was too much and all his numbers were switched off, we couldn’t find the place he told us he was going to work, I really don’t know who tricked him or what he was promised when he showed up. He never wanted to become a member of such a group.”

“There was no news about my son for three whole years until the neighbors informed us that the media affiliated with Pejak announced my son’s name as one of the dead in Turkey. The news that neither I nor anyone else believed, how could a boy who did not leave the home without completing his prayers even one day become a member of a group that does not accept any religious beliefs!”

“With all the hardships, I went to Iraq to find out the exact details of my son’s death, but they did not give me any information, they only said that your son was killed in the war with Turkey.”

“I asked them about his body and grave, but they said that there is no body and no grave. It is better to go back to your city and not come here again. Even though my heart was broken and a world of unknown questions occupied my mind, I returned to Iran.”

“It was almost a few days after I visited there, one night we woke up with the sound of a motorcycle. They had thrown a black bag into the yard, when we opened it, there were my son’s clothes and identification documents. Since that night, there has been no news from them and they have not contacted us even once. We were waiting for our son for three years, then they announced that he was killed in Turkey, which had nothing to do with us, and the worst disrespect they did to my family was throwing my son’s personal belongings into the yard, don’t they say they respect their martyrs? ? But what kind of respect did they show us by throwing their belongings into the yard?! I am sure that with this behavior they either killed my son themselves or nothing happened to him at all.”

“Others told me I was lucky, as most families did not even receive this much from them.”

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