Manal Hasko: “To destroy the Kurds, their enemies founded the PKK”

In an interview with Kurdistan 24 TV, Kurdish political expert Manal Hasko reacted to the PKK’s recent approach to the Kurdistan Region and the armed group’s making tensions there, as well as its trying to provoke a war and the Turkish presence in Northern Iraq. He believes “if we want to speak on the foundation of the PKK, we should also hear what people like Yalchin Kuchuk and Oral Mirac say. They reveal how the PKK was established. The Kurdish expert added the PKK made a big name for itself but shot the first bullet at the Kurdish political organizations in Turkey. This policy continued until the 1980 coup.”

The Kurdish political expert also stated on the presence of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region saying as: “After the PKK was installed in the Kurdistan Region in 1991, the Kurdistan Parliament was established as a light of hope for all four parts of Kurdistan, the PKK not only did not recognize this parliament, but also opposed it. That is, the organizaation opposed the achievements of the Kurds, at least in the Kurdistan Region.”


The PKK presence in Syria is destructive

On the PKK and its role in the Syrian conflict, Hasko continued: “As we know, the PKK had tens of thousands of Kurds killed, wounded and displaced during the post-2011 civil war, most of whom were killed by the PKK itself or by its Syrian branch in Arab areas such as Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. The group destroyed Kurdish homes, handed over Afrin, Giresipi, and Sarekaniye to the enemy, Turkey, and changed the demographic structure of the area. This policy shows that as the PKK annihilated the Kurds in Turkey, or destroyed the Syrian Kurdistan by changing its demographic structure, it continues the same policy in southern Kurdistan (Region) today.”


The PKK aims to degradate the political and legal level of the Kurdistan Region

Regarding the federal status of the Kurdistan Region, Manal Hasko told the host: “The PKK has cretaed crises repeatedly. We see the first PKK-related crisis in Kirkuk, the second one in Shangal/Sinjar and the third crisis by the PKK is that it announced through a number Kurdish mercenaries that they wish to turn federal and official status of the Kurdistan Region into a province in the Iraqi Constitution. That is, it wants to reduce an official and federal government approved by Iraq and the world to a province. We have to know from where this proposal comes and why should the political and legal status of the Kurdistan Region be degraded. Why should the PKK wish to degrade the political level of Kurdistan and destroy its recognition? We need to know what the PKK really is. The organization was founded by Ergenekon and then controlled by security agencies. PKK’s anti-Kurdish actions are quite public from the beginning; unfortunately, the Kurdish people do not know enough on this problem. The PKK is even enemy to Kurdish names such as the Peshmerga and the official flag of the Kurdistan Region, while it has invented a new flag. All this proves that the PKK aims to exterminate the Kurds. It has unfortunately succeeded in Turkey. After 2014, when the organization began the trench warfare in the Kurdish cities, 80 Kurdish representatives entered the Turkish parliament. If the PKK really believes in civil and peace struggle, why does it not carry out a political struggle in Turkey? If so, it should have not spread the war to other Kurdish areas. The PKK’s policy is transparent to everyone. It was founded as a security agency by the enemies of the Kurds to destroy them.”

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