Abdullah Ocalan’s view on the women

One only has to watch a video to understand Ocalan’s view of women. In the video, he literally tells the women in the room, including Sakine Cansiz, that they can grow in the organization if they’ll be with him.

One should also notice the way the women behave, as if they’re under threat. Most of them look to the floor, and they’re sitting in a very uncomfortable way. Ocalan on the other hand, sits on a couch with both legs and arms spread. Nobody sits like that in a room full of women. It shows he clearly does not respect them.

“I feared women a lot. Now, I’ve become someone a lot of women want to be with. What can I do? It just happened like that. That is my understanding of “honour” (namus), it might be a bit strange. If the enemy hears this, they might judge me. But whatever they might say, the important thing is that I have proven myself (in other words: my manhood). I’m saying, the woman besides me has a lot of advantages (meaning: she’ll grow in the org.)…

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