Contradictions and Controversies in Abdullah Ocalan’s Views on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (۲)

By Aso Kamal

“Women are the identity of the environment,” writes Abdullah Ocalan about the environmental protection. “Because creating a woman is basic for economic needs, she does not pollute herself nor become a threat to the climate,” he writes. Is there really anything more funny and humorous than this point of view? Question: If industry is the main economy today in the world community, if this economy is in the hands of women, how will women protect things in nature from pollution? Also, what does polluting or cleaning the environment have to do with gender? But according to Ocalan, if someone is a man, any economic activity equals polluting the environment. But if one is a woman, any activity leads to cleaning the environment. To find out how economic things are from Ocalan’s point of view, let’s examine the issue:

Environmental pollution has nothing to do with capitalism and the high profits of companies that do everything to make a profit, but the main reason for environmental pollution, in Ocalan’s view, is man, and in his view man is the enemy of nature!

To reduce the amount of CO2 in nature in order to protect the environment, should men be excluded from economic activity and replaced by women?

Apparently, this apocalyptic philosopher has forgotten that many of the companies that pollute the environment for the sake of greater profit belong to women, and for this they must comply with international environmental laws. Mr. Ocalan, are they pro-environmental? If we think that the female sex is the protector of the environment and the male sex is the destroyer of the environment, then what is the solution? According to Ocalan, there is no solution, only men and women should be separated in society! Of course, society is not the clean environment because there are men who pollute the environment! Therefore, according to Ocalan, in order to keep the environment clean, women must either leave the earth and live in the heavens or live in places of worship like nuns. This is the ideology of Ocalan. “Males play a major role in gender. Sex between animals is also limited to a specific time of year, but for men, if they can, it will be around the clock, and this is very cruel and predatory,” he writes. If someone else says that, won’t they say he is crazy?

Ocalan believes that any sexual intercourse is a betrayal of a woman, and that guerrilla men and women need to accept the fact that they cannot even look at each other without achieving freedom. See how Ocalan framed the relationship between men and women in military bases and oppressed women so much that they could not even look at men, and if a woman says she would like to have sex with men, then she is a traitor and will be punished. This punishment and deprivation of women of love and relationship with men has not been seen at any point in history except for women who become nuns in Christian temples. Ocalan calls this deprivation of women of any basic rights and their separation from society gynecology, but if these women become guerrillas and slaves and victims of Ocalan’s ideology, then there will be no problem.

We know that the relationship, the primary love of the life of a man and a woman is the basis of family and society and of course in different stages of society in different forms and in different areas is common and in some societies, polygamy and in some is monogamy. We must say that the way that Ocalan puts forward has not been in history and does not exist now and is not possible in the future because it is impossible to forbid love and relationship in life.

The question is, if this model is not possible, why does Ocalan insist on it? The answer should be very simple and clear. If Ocalan does not preach in his writings about fairy women and angels, then how can he deceive 14-year-old girls who are in the spring of life and sacrifice them for his ideology? If they are not deceived, they can not fall victim to Ocalan’s ideology.

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