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The hollow promises of the Kurdistan Freedom Armed Group (PAK) to recruit members and deceive the Kurdish youth

One of the Iranian Kurdish citizens who planned to join this armed group, has recently published a series of his conversations with the supporters of this group on the virtual network. Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, as a human rights watch and active in the field of monitoring human rights violations in the Kurdish areas […]

The PKK and the PYD: Comrades in Arms, Rivals in Politics?

Although the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are ideologically affiliated, they remain organizationally distinct. Even though it does not pose a direct security threat to Turkey, the PYD’s increasing consolidation of power in northern Syria arguably poses a challenge not only to Ankara but also to the PKK. BACKGROUND: During […]

Contradictions and Controversies in Abdullah Ocalan’s Views on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (۲)

By Aso Kamal “Women are the identity of the environment,” writes Abdullah Ocalan about the environmental protection. “Because creating a woman is basic for economic needs, she does not pollute herself nor become a threat to the climate,” he writes. Is there really anything more funny and humorous than this point of view? Question: If […]

Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand: “The rule of the Barzani and Talabani families is retrogressive”

“Kurds are united and do not like each other,” wrote human rights activist Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand, who had previously been jailed for “collaborating with PJAK.” He goes on to say that “Erdogan cleverly uses the Kurdish differences” and considers ideological parties and factions to be the main obstacle to the Kurds, Kaboudvand quotes an American […]

Women in the PKK: ideology or strategy?

PKK pretends to have freed the Kurdish women and tries to portray them as an example so as to export its ideaolgy to the Western countries. The following analysis is on the real situation on the women in the PKK and its branches: The PKK/KCK, seeing the benefits of involving women in its terror campaign, […]