Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand: “The rule of the Barzani and Talabani families is retrogressive”

“Kurds are united and do not like each other,” wrote human rights activist Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand, who had previously been jailed for “collaborating with PJAK.” He goes on to say that “Erdogan cleverly uses the Kurdish differences” and considers ideological parties and factions to be the main obstacle to the Kurds, Kaboudvand quotes an American writer but does not name him.

In another tweet, after a number of readers protested, he criticized them for not being realistic. These readers are angry with Mr. Kaboudvand’s pointing out the real points about the Kurds, and like the majority of the atmosphere ruling the Kurdish community, they like to see and read only unreal praise.

Following Mr. Kaboudvand’s remarks, it should be said that ideological parties and factions are really the main obstacle to the development of Kurdish areas. For example, Ocalan’s Marxist-Leninist ideology has not benefited the Kurds for more than four decades, but on the contrary: Turkey has increased its control and presence over the Kurdish regions, more than 4 million Kurds were forced to flee to western Turkey, Kurdish areas were depopulated, large parts of Syrian Kurdistan lost their Kurdish identity forever, Turkey’s presence in the Kurdistan Region was greatly strengthened, thousands of Kurds were killed and displaced, the Kurdish language was destroyed in Turkey, and today Abdullah Ocalan himself explicitly supports Turkey’s expansionist policies (for example, calling on the PKK to cede Afrin to Turkey).

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