Khalil Aldar’s statement to Syrians

Khalil answers concerned Syrians worries with regard to latest understandings among Kurdish parties in an official media statement.
Aldar Khalil said that what the Kurdish parties reached in Syria is a preliminary understanding, after it became clear that there is no major difference in political views among the Kurdish people. He noted that the wrong perception about the parties’ ratio in the Duhok Agreement, which was the base for the new Kurdish understandings, is related to the Kurds themselves, it is not at the expense of the other components.
“In the beginning, the talks took place between the PYD and ENKS and were not between the Kurdish National Unity Parties. They were about a joint political vision in Syria and the future of Syria, the solution of the crisis, the Kurdish Cause, and stance of the opposition, the occupied territories. Since that time, the parties have agreed on a political draft.”
” We did not sign that draft nor did it turn into an agreement, as there was no disagreement about the Kurdish position on the Syrian crisis, and from the future Syria, but rather remained a preliminary step on an agreement on the political vision. Later, the Kurdish National Unity parties joined the talks and there was no difference about the vision reached by both the PYD
and ENKS. As for the other details, which may conflict with the vision of any party, they will be discussed in the next stage when dealing with the minute details.”
As you can see, there is no agreement reached between the two parties, they have agreed to agree, to continue talking to each other. When asked about future alliances, working together with the opposition or the Syrian
government, Kalil slams both. “Because no order has been signed yet, there are fears that talking or giving information may affect our future conversations and dialogues, so I apologize for not discussing it accurately, but in general, we aspire a multi-democratic decentralized Syria. When we reach an agreement, it will be officially announced to the public, I think that is better.”
“Turkey, for example, is a neighbor, but It occupied Afrin, Azaz, Al-Bab, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. Now if it is given the opportunity, it will occupy more lands. This fact about Turkey is known, clear to everyone, and it is not hidden from anyone, and I do not think that any Kurd thinks out of this context.”
“As for the Syrian government, it is a tyrannical and central government. There was no law for parties, and no freedom in establishing a party. Or issuing a political newspaper or magazine, or reciting a poem. The truth of the regime is known to all, and if the regime had little democracy
and worked on some reforms since 2011, Syria would not have been destroyed like this. What I mentioned are facts. They will be within the vision.”
“Regarding the opposition, We want an opposition far from ISIS, not extremist and political Islam, democratic opposition, unconventional to others and components, not a chauvinist, that would like to take the country back, and has more backward mentality than the mentality of the
Syrian government. No doubt you cannot work with that.”
” We always demand a democratic opposition that guarantees the rights of the Kurdish people. Today, they deny our existence, when we demand our rights, it does not divide Syria. We like to enjoy our life like all regions of Lattakia, Tartous, Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, and Hama, and all Syrian regions. So what is the harm in that? But the important thing is to keep our people’s identity. basically any party that does not agree on these principles, cannot establish its unity, and I do not think they will be an obstacle and a problem.”
This statement by Khalil Aldar can be interpreted both ways. Khalil shows he resents both the opposition and the Syrian government. Still one can interpret that whatever party will respond to their demands, they are open for negotiation with that party.

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